Remembering a Thankful Moment

I am reprinting a post here that I wrote on my family blog in March 2011 – during the last week of my 5 month staty in India with my family. Extended travel changes you. This post on the on wife’s birthday last year pretty well sums up the many ways that I was changed experienced.

With just one work week left to go in our travels here in India, I think today, being the anniversary of her birth, is an excellent day to say ‘Thank You’ to Beth – my most uncommonly, wonderful partner, for being the dreamer behind this grand adventure…

There is no doubt that this tripped has changed us all, repointed our directions, broadened our minds… I am quick to see the ways the Elijah has grown and matured, eyes newly opened to a much larger world… to see how Beth has thrived in a workplace full of co-workers that ADORE her contributions… but I am really only just beginning to recognize the changes in me.

This trip came at point in my life when I was absolutely desperate for change… after 25 years of the corporate 9 to 5, I was feeling so trapped before we left.  But this time-off-the grid started me on a road of asking for what I need… and my request to do my job from across the globe was accepted without a moment’s hesitation.  Now,  granted, working from across the globe has not been without its challenges, but in the midst of all that, we, as a family, have had the chance to explore so many grand places that we could not have even imagined a year ago. And our 2 plus week adventure in Singapore, Thailand and England as we return home has yet to begin…

So, I don’t really know if I have changed, but I have certainly lived differently these past five months – and today, I can only wonder what changes will stay with me when I get home… or perhaps that is not the goal, because learning to live with flexibility is part of what life has been teaching me over here.  I have worked crazy hours late into the night, but I have also spent many daylight hours napping (there is nothing finer than a sunshine nap), reading (I read more novels here than I ever have in a year at home), walking in the tropical heat to the local shops, observing, photographing the world around me, soaking in  the methodical pace of Indian life… Yesterday I made a coffee date and went for an hour visit with Gowri and Ravi – no big deal, you might think, but for me, reaching out socially has just not been among my bag of tricks.  Blogging, making mental notes about life outside of work and sharing them publicly – this was never part of my pre-India world.  I have lost some extra poundage in the tropical heat and it feels great. The heat, I think, has also caused a shift in my brain chemistry which has allowed me to stay up later – because this is definitely something that I could never do back home (and I’m hoping that I can hang onto this extra energy once we are back in New England).

Here in India, I have accepted that the constant change at my workplace back home, is not something I can control – nor should I try. In the last week much has changed in my ‘role’ at work, as it seems the work establishment has finally figured out that I have been doing the work of 3 people since the shift to offshore support 2 years ago… Odd as it is, I have really struggled this week, feeling like I’ve had to say good-bye to parts of my job that I’ve enjoyed… even when all the parts put together were more than one person should be contributing in a healthy company.  There have been so many moments over the last two years when I have questioned my ability to ‘hang in’ at work… and then they fade and I feel ok for a time… Yogita has told me that it is a mistake to not have switched companies many times… perhaps that is true… perhaps, when I return home, I can take some time to explore a different road… or perhaps, like so often in the past, some vibration will shift and I will find my in a useful place again, right where I have been…

If you haven’t known this about me, life has always been more of a ride on the waves, than a motor-driven cruise…  But, without doubt, I have been reminded here in India that I must make my mental calm a top life priority. Without that, there really is not life worth living.  And if I can leave this adventure and carry that knowledge with me, and let that steer my ship… then the gift of this trip will have been priceless.

So Beth – thank you again for inspiring your family to take this time away from the routine. I wish you a year ahead full of satisfaction, self-pride, loving family/friend connections, appreciation from all those who depend on you, being heard, speaking your mind, healthy living, right decisions and deserved rewards…

You are truly THE BEST!


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Izzy Tappan-deFrees is a compassionate animal groomer, a musician and songster, a teardrop camper lovin' traveler, a daughter, a wife & mom, a trail hiker, a campfire devotee, a wood carver, a student of spirit around the world, a good listener, a part-time poet and a former data analyst and programmer.
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