My New Tools

My student tool package arrived today…  reminds me of all my woodcarving and pottery tool sets…

I can’t wait to try them out… only two more weeks of work before school starts!

I also read today about the demoiselles who groomed dogs along the banks of the Seine and the coiffeurs pour cheins who made housecalls in Paris in the 1800’s… a time honored occupation indeed.


About respectthepaw

Izzy Tappan-deFrees is proprietor of BuddyBarber: In-Your-Home Pet Grooming - I offer an animal friendy service for all dog and cats, with special usefulness to older, timid, anxious or travel phobic pets, for service-dogs who need to stay near their owners and for owners who struggle with animal transport issues. Serving Metro-West Massachusetts by appointment only. Izzy is also a former IT worker, a musician, a wood carver and a student of spirit around the world.
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1 Response to My New Tools

  1. Carol and Lenny LaCroix says:

    That’s really interesting that groomers were making house calls in the 1800’s!

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