The Magic of Raw Food

My path to professional groomer certification has been filled with unexpected treasures.

One was the superb Animal Nutrition seminar that I attended – led by Dawn Price of the Natural Dog store in Newburyport. It was eye-opening to me to recognize the completely inadequate nutrition packed into the dry catfood that I have always served my cats. The billion-dollar pet food industry mego-corporations offload their excess grain refuse and 4D meat by-products (dead, disabled, dying, diseased) into super-heated, over-sugared, carbo-loaded nuggets that cats can’t resist. YUCKY!

We had been using the IAMS brand catfood that our veterarian had not objected to… but who trains the vets on nutrition? (the pet food industry of course!)

Disgusted by the whole food industry, I decided to research and take the effort to switch our cats over the recommended raw food diet.

So what is that? Well basically it relies on two basic concepts: 1) that cats are carnivores and require zero carbohydrates in their diet (all carbos convert to sugars in cats causing diabieties and huge smelly poops) and 2) all creatures benefit most from a fresh and varied diet.

So, it was off to Whole Foods for me… Two months ago I started the cats on this diet and it has changed them dramatically for the better. Pickles, who is 14 and had lost some weight while we were away in India, now feels much meatier on her bones and dances for her dinners. Bandit, who is 8 and has always been an overweight lump who could not be convinced to wag a paw at a feather, has lost his picnic basket belly and now pulls toys from the toy basket to play with them (see this video Kitty Plays for proof!). Both cats now have fur softer than silk and the litter box volume has dropped by 1/2.  These positive changes, in just 2 months, have been remarkable and heart-warming.

So, here’s the basic menu:
This recipe makes over a months supply of 3 to 4 oz meatballs that I freeze.
1. I buy 20lbs total of free-range turkey and chicken thighs and grind the meat raw using an old fashioned hand crank meat grinder.
2. I add two eggs to the mix and also grind up any chicken organs that I might have saved frozen over the month.
3. I mix in an 11.5 oz jar of a needed cat food supplement called Call of the Wild.

When serving the meatballs, once in the morning and once at night, I micro the balls for about 60 seconds total, add a healthy spoonful of jarred baby food meat, add any small amount of chopped leftover meat that I might have, add 6 to 8 nuggets of a freeze dried meat cat food called Stella and Chewys.

I mix all with about 1/4 cup warm water and serve to the dancing and mews of satified happy kitties…

The nutritional point is to serve cat MEAT, good quality, fresh and with some variety. Would you serve your children anything less?

Bon Appetit!


About Respect The Paw

Izzy Tappan-deFrees is a compassionate animal groomer, a musician and songster, a teardrop camper lovin' traveler, a daughter, a wife & mom, a trail hiker, a campfire devotee, a wood carver, a student of spirit around the world, a good listener, a part-time poet and a former data analyst and programmer.
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