Meeting the Needs

I am loving many things about the progress of my BuddyBarber grooming business.

One is that, on an intellectual level, it is satisfying to know that the vision I had for the need for my service, was a clear one. In planning my in-your-home grooming business, I imagined that there were older, timid, small or disabled dogs that would truly appreciate the quiet, calm grooming that I offer.

This past month, I have had the pleasure of working with two blind, older pups as new clients. Grooming a dog that cannot see challenges me to stay ever-mindful of communicating my intentions as I work – and I do this verbally and with calm, leading hands that forecast my next step to the dog. I also have to be sensative to the parent’s needs for these dogs, so that they can feel calm throughout the groom. This is work that requires me to be fully open and responsive to what is happening in the moment, and it makes me realize that in building relationships with these clients, each groom becomes easier and more successful.

I have had growth in my small dog client list in May  – these guys are understandably calmer being groomed at home than they would be in a noisy, chaotic grooming shop, and all the parents have been very happy with the final results.

This has also been the month of the golden retriever – I’ve had 5 new golden clients, including 3 service dogs.

And… not to be forgotten, I had my first kitty ‘lion-cut’ client this month – for a sweet, but scruffy fellow… needless to say, this guy was happier to be groomed at home than he would be with a shop full of dogs…

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About Respect The Paw

Izzy Tappan-deFrees is a compassionate animal groomer, a musician and songster, a teardrop camper lovin' traveler, a daughter, a wife & mom, a trail hiker, a campfire devotee, a wood carver, a student of spirit around the world, a good listener, a part-time poet and a former data analyst and programmer.
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2 Responses to Meeting the Needs

  1. These photos are great! I’m glad your business is doing well. Puzzle loves you!


  2. carolenny says:

    It is so heart warming to read about your care of older dogs. It is a tough time in their lives and their owners are trying to do the best they can for their long time companions. What a relief it must be for them to have someone do a bit of “elder care” for their pets!!!!
    Love, C

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