The Gifts

And there we sit

Knowing that

Without the hands above

Our comfort and survival shifts

From leisure, warmth and regal rest

To wilds, cold with winds and stalking prey.

Gleaming trays descend

Like heartbeats

Drumming in steady line

Meats chopped and ground with devotion

Every morning and every night

Our dancing eyes, cries, announce our trust.

We are the blessed

Coats glowing

Stomachs soon or’ flowing

Tongues lapping, name tags clanking

The giver rests to watch us dine

Undone with gratitude, there she stands.

The Crew


About respectthepaw

Izzy Tappan-deFrees is proprietor of BuddyBarber: In-Your-Home Pet Grooming - I offer an animal friendy service for all dog and cats, with special usefulness to older, timid, anxious or travel phobic pets, for service-dogs who need to stay near their owners and for owners who struggle with animal transport issues. Serving Metro-West Massachusetts by appointment only. Izzy is also a former IT worker, a musician, a wood carver and a student of spirit around the world.
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