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Another Dog Show

Just a quick post for anyone interested… I went to a second dog show with school on Saturday to study the current grooming styles on display with the AKC breeds… Enjoy these delicious doggies!

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Entering the Profession

Happy February! I finish school in March, but my progress is such that the school has offered me one day/week as a paid groomer to keep on working with them. I think this is a great way to keep learning … Continue reading

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Pooch Progress

Here are the latest photos of some of the dogs that I have been working with at school.  Have I mentioned lately that I am loving this?  

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The Magic of Raw Food

My path to professional groomer certification has been filled with unexpected treasures. One was the superb Animal Nutrition seminar that I attended – led by Dawn Price of the Natural Dog store in Newburyport. It was eye-opening to me to … Continue reading

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At the Dog Show

I attended the Dog Show at in Springfield last weekend and got loved the energy, surrounded by all those gorgeous pups…  I took lots of photos to help me with breed memorization, so enjoy the slide show if you have time…

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My Teachers

Here are some of my best teachers so far: What have I learned? * Golden/Collie cuts * Clipping/scissoring styles for Bichon Frise, Schnauzer, Mini-poodle, Portuguese Water Dog * I love working with dirty dogs! * Mats can be removed from a cat without shaving or anesthesia… … Continue reading

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Latest School Projects

Here are shots of two dogs that I have worked through from start to finish in the last week: The Golden Retriever was a beauty – and what is called the ‘Golden Cut’, is a standard for many long coated … Continue reading

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Cannot forget the cats

So, to ensure that they are not forgotten while I spend school days with dogs, my cats, Pickles and Bandit, have gone into high cute mode… I purchased and tried out one of the famous ‘Furminator’ tools on Bandit and … Continue reading

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Here’s to the dogs…

Started grooming school this week… the work there will mostly be with dogs… which is ok, because there really are so many breeds and temperaments to get to know…  One of my assigned tasks to document the characteristics of and … Continue reading

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Claws not Paws

Last week I had two encounters with clawed sages that both excel in adaptation, survival and ecological recycling. This venerable turkey vulture lives in the Prospect Hill Park the crowns Waltham… and she regularly perches on the house turret across the … Continue reading

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